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Active Scavenging Induction Chamber for Research Facilities

If you work in, or manage, a research facility that uses mice, rats, rabbits or other small animal for testing, you’re probably familiar with the dangers of WAG.

Scavenging Induction Chamber for Research Facilities | Safe Niche Science - mouseinhandWAG (Waste Anesthetic Gas) is the excess anesthetic gases and vapors, such as nitrous oxide and isoflurane, that are unintentionally leaked into the air. Induction chambers have been identified as a leading cause of exposure to WAG. Possible short-term health effects of WAG exposure include, but are not limited to: drowsiness, irritability, depression, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and problems with judgment and coordination. Long-term effects include: activation of the neural pathways that stimulate addiction, liver and kidney disease, adverse reproductive effects and cancer. WAG is an unnecessary consequence of using induction chambers.

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Introducing, the Safe Niche Science ICevac System

Our innovative Induction Chamber Evacuation System makes the induction of anesthesia on small animals safer for laboratory technicians and other surrounding personnel, and less stressful for the animals they are working on. The ICevac system is the most affordable and effective induction chamber system on the market.

We custom make each ICevac system in Michigan, with a leak-proof seal and a one-of-a-kind baffle system. This combination allows anesthetic gas to immerse the induction chamber efficiently, securely, and quickly, allowing you to safely and rapidly anesthetize an animal. Then, flip a switch and the ICevac system becomes active, removing anesthetic gas immediately, BEFORE you open the box. The ICevac system works quickly, offering safe and effective delivery of inhaled anesthesia to the rodent, without the worry of exposing your staff to WAG.

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Small Animal and Rodent Induction Chamber

As a research facility manager, the ICevac is a much-needed addition to your conventional anesthesia induction equipment. Our air-tight rodent induction chambers are lightweight and portable and come in 5 sizes to meet your facility’s needs. You owe it to your team to protect them from the dangers of WAG exposure.

5 Benefits of the SNS ICevac System

  • Induction chambers are virtually indestructible and easily sanitized
  • Available in 1-liter, 3-liter, 5-liter, 7-gallon, and 11-gallon
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Individually Manufactured with U.S. Parts

The Safe Niche Science ICevac System is Used in Reputable Labs and Clinics Across the Midwest

SNS ICevac system is approved by UM OSEH and used in UM laboratories in Chemistry, Physiology, Cardiology, and Cardiac Surgery.  The system is also used in veterinary practices from Michigan, including; Humane Society Huron Valley and Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, as well as practices in California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

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