If You Use Induction Chambers to Anesthetize Animals, You Are at Risk.
The ICevac system improves safety for personnel AND reduces stress for the animal.
small animal The SNS ICevac System is adaptable to any existing anesthetic machine.
Faster Induction Times
Our baffle system allows anesthetic gas to immerse the induction chamber quickly and efficiently. Waste gas passively escapes the induction chamber as the animal experiences short durations of the voluntary and involuntary stages of anesthesia.
Active Scavenging
Before opening the induction chamber to remove the animal, turn the ICevac system on and it becomes an active scavenging system, quickly removing WAG from inside the chamber.
No Leak Guarantee
Every Safe Niche Induction Box and ICevac system is built by hand in Michigan. If you are not completely satisfied with our product we'll refund your money.
A great addition to my practice.

The Safe Niche ICevac system has changed my practice. With a safe and humane way to anesthetize small animals, I can now work on cats, rabbits, ferrets and more, in good conscience. Susan A. DVM

Safe Niche Science Introduces the ICevac

The ONLY Small Animal Induction Chamber Unit that is Portable, Adaptable, and Eliminates 99% of WAG

Safe Small Animal Induction Chambers - Midwest | Safe Niche Science - owner
Janet Wolforth
Owner of SNS and Inventor of the ICevac System

Janet Wolforth worked in small animal practice from 1986 - 1996.  She has been working in medical research, training personnel and providing technical support, since 1996.  As a Licensed Veterinary Technician and Laboratory Animal Technologist, she understands first hand the dangers and risk associated with exposure to WAG- in both small animal practice and medical research. Determined to find a solution to make her own workplace safer, she invented the ICevac- an induction chamber evacuation system that eliminates 99% of WAG.

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Protect Yourself and Your Team from the Health Risks Associated with WAG

Waste Anesthetic Gas is a danger to anyone exposed to it. The ICevac system makes anesthetizing mice, rats, rabbits and cats less traumatizing for the animal, and much safer for people. For Researchers and Veterinarians, using our induction chamber evacuation system is key to avoiding the short-term effects of WAG, such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, irritability, poor judgment and fatigue; as well as the long-term effects, like stimulation of alcohol and drug addiction, miscarriages, birth defects, sterility and cancer.

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How the Safe Niche Science ICevac System Works

Safe Niche Science ICevac system converts from passive to active scavenging to remove waste gas. Waste gas filters through an activated charcoal canister and returns to the room as fresh air. The ICevac system is custom made in Michigan, complete with gaskets that prevent the chamber from leaking.  The end result is an  evacuation system that does not leak, provides for a fast induction time, and creates a safe environment for personnel.
SNS ICevac system is approved by UM OSEH and used in UM laboratories in Chemistry, Physiology, Cardiology, and Cardiac Surgery.  The system is also used in veterinary practices in Michigan, including; Humane Society Huron Valley and Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, as well as practices in California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

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